St John's Village Memorial Hall

Covid-19 - Lockdown Relaxation

Following the government's announcement that England has reached step 4 of the lockdown release plan on 19 July 2021, most legal restrictions affecting use of St John's Village Memorial Hall have been removed.

Nevertheless with high numbers of cases in our area the Management Committee of St John's Village Memorial Hall believe it would be prudent to re-open cautiously and in stages. So we are pleased to announce the Memorial Hall is once again open but for the next few weeks we will continue to aim to keep all hall hirers safe and to prevent transmission of the Covid- 19 virus between users of the hall.

Therefore we ask that hirers adhere to our guidelines to help us achieve this.

In respect of celebration parties and events we will only allow one hirer to use the hall at a time, and we are limiting numbers in the hall to 100 persons. For the time being we are not permitting these to hire the small halls.

We continue to be a Covid safe venue and recommend all users to continue to wear masks on entering and leaving and using confined areas, to open rear doors for maximum ventilation, to adopt sensible social distancing, to use hand sanitisers and regular washing of hands. The QR codes for Track and Trace are being left up and we encourage their use.

We will review matters in a few weeks as conditions change and hope we will get back to complete normality in the Autumn.

There are 3 documents that hirers and organisers need to be made aware of in respect of COVID-19 as per links below:.

1. Covid Special Conditions of Hire (pdf form)   or   Covid Special Conditions of Hire (docx form)

If you are hiring the hall you will be required to sign this document and agree to the conditions within it for the duration of your hire. This is required in addition to the hall's general hire agreement and term and conditions.

2. COVID-19 Risk Assessment for the Hall

This document is the risk assessment prepared by the trustees and used for making the hall COVID secure. It is available to everyone to view and will be updated as required.

3. Sample Risk Assessment (pdf form)   or   Sample Risk Assessment (docx form) for hirers

This is a sample template for a COVID specific risk assessment in addition to any other risk assessment that hirers may have drawn up. The purpose of this document is to make hirers aware of COVID-19 related risks they need to plan for.

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